What’s happening here in My Journal?

353 days to go. A horrible day at work. An old grandma who looked as if she wouldn’t harm a fly called me a pencil-pushing capitalist dupe. But then I came home and cooked chicken with cream, mushrooms and port, and it was total bliss.

Julie & Julia (Movie)

Ever since I watched the movie, Julie & Julia, I have been fascinated to start a journaling blog. I had the exact urge to start something like Julie did, a blog about cooking adventures from Julia’s book, and bought the digital copy of the book soon after.

But like many other projects, the execution failed, and only the dream didn’t wilt away.

The dream didn’t wilt away even after 8 years, assuming I watched the movie 8 years ago.

Have you watched this yet?

I am a freelance writer working on multiple types of projects and a lover of words in general. And all these years, I might have written a gazillion words, on and off the screen. At present, I do have this website, a medium page, a substack space, an Instagram hangout and a LinkedIn for business, I mean the writer business.

So this is not a naive Julie idea of starting a blog, I wish though, to be that naive about writing whenever I have that idea. I mean, if you can understand it, the excitement, we get from the first spark of idea, from doing something for the first time, is the best feeling there would be.

But in a way, I get that adrenaline rush, whenever I write something. Even after all these years of scribbling, writing is a passionate job. Words are love. Sentences are fulfilment.

And today, I just had that spark again.

The time is 10.26 am Riyadh time, November 27, 2023.

And here’s what I commit…

I am beginning a journaling blog dedicated to my ‘personal growth’ in 2024.

Well, the only commitment regarding the frequency of blogs, is that I will try posting at least one per week.

This is entirely a personal project to celebrate the moments of life and to keep myself accountable for leading the best life possible.

I am planning nothing other than creating an intentional year ahead.

I would be glad if you would join here in the comments, sharing your plans and perspectives about the journey.

See you soon.

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